Travel itinerary 

>    Round Trip Air fare  New York / Madina - Jeddah / New York .

>    Travel from other gateways is avaiable, additional charges will apply.

Program Itinerary:

>  3 Nights accommodation at Dallah Taibah Hotel (4+Star)- Madinah (Located at Haram Boundary) (August 9-12)

>  7 Nights accommodation at Swissotel- (5 stars) Makkah (located at Haram boundry).

>  5 Nights  of Manasik :(August 18/8th zul Hijah-August 24/13zul zul hijah)

         -  1 Night : Tarwiya day spent in Mina in Aleman camp in front of Jamarat

         -  1 Night : Arafat /Muzdalifa 

         -  3 Night : Stay in Aleman  Mina camp

​>  Departure to Jeddah - August 24 (13th zul hijjah)

>  Stay in Jeddah for 1 or 2 night in a 5star Hotel  (Subject to departure Schedule.

>Departure for home-August 25/26.

Package Meal Plans.

Hotel in Madinah, Makkah and Jeddah:

  > Open Buffet beakfast and dinner will be served daily.

Mena and Arafat.

  > Mena open buffet Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner will be served daily.

  > Arafat - Breakfast in Box and Lunch open buffed. Dinner box provided for dinner for Muzdalifa.


>  Transportation in the Manasik between Mena, Arafat and Muzdalifa will be by the Train which reduces the traveling time to 13 minutes. 

>  Mazarat (sightseeing) to historic sites in Madinah.

Exclusive Services :

>  Modern luxury air-conditioned buses for all transportation.

>  Meet and assist by professional staff in Madinah and Jeddah Airport.

>  Professional staff will be assisting and serving you throughout the trip.

>  Our staff will handle your luggage in Saudi Arabia (collection,Transfer from city to city and storages) to give you a hassle free trip.

>  Education reading materials will be disributed in different Languages (English,Urdu and Arabic).

​>  Educational Seminars will be offered in the USA and Saudia Arabia.

>  English speaking Group Leaders will be with you throughout the Trip.

>  Barbers will be available in Our Mena Camp.

>  Ihram for Men will be given in Saudi Arabia 

>  Zam Zam water will be given before departure.

Package Price does not include:

         >Mandatory Hajj draft Fee of 350 per person 

         >Sacrifice (Qurbani) of $160 per person 

         >Return FedEx Services (if applicable)

         >Domestic Flights to international Gateways.

                                            Hajj Package Prices :.

                                                          1-Quad Room(4 People) : $ 9400/person 

                                                          2-Triple Room(3 People) : $ 9900/person

                                                          3-Double Room(2 People: $ 10,700/person.

​​Additional charges apply when departing from cities other than New York.
No refund will be issued after Apr 01, 2018.
Any extra charge for Airline tickets or TaxesMail the following items to:
M & S Travel Service LLC.(Mughal Hajj Group)

910 Bergen Ave Suite 212
Jerseycity , NJ 07306
United States

Passport Return envelope
Completed and signed Hajj registration form.
A check in the amount of $ 3000/per person payable to: (M & S Travel Service LLC)  Please note – non-refundable after airline ticket has been reserved).
U.S. Passport valid for at least 6 months from travel date.
If not a U.S. Citizen, then a Passport of your Citizenship, valid for at least 6 months from travel date, along with a photocopy (both sides) of your Alien Registration (Green) Card.
Three Passport Size Photos with White Background.
Pilgrims with non-Islamic names must have a statement from any Islamic center showing their conversion to Islam.
Sisters who are not married and do not have “Mohram” must submit a “No Objection” letter signed and notarized by a First Degree relative.
Wives accompanied by their husbands must submit a copy of their marriage certificate.
Health Certificate against Meningitis.

Mughal Hajj Group

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B1 Madinah First

August 07--August 26/27.