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Travel Itinerary:


Ø  Round trip Airfare New York/Madinah/Jeddah/New  York

Ø  Travel from other Gateways is available, additional charges will apply

Program Itinerary:     16 Days .


Ø  3 nights’ at Dallah Taibah  Hotel – Madinah (Located at Haram boundary)

o   August 12 (1 Zul Hajjah) to August 15 (4 Zul Hajjah)

Ø  11 nights’ accommodation at the Swissotel– Makkah

Ø  Access to your room during the Manasik(Total 11 nights in Hotel)

o   August 15- August 26

Ø  4 Nights of Manasik: August 19 – August 23

o   1 Night: Tarwiya Day spent in Mina in Aleman camp in front of Jamarat

o   1 Night: Arafat/ Muzdalifa

o   2 Nights: Stay in Aleman Mina camp

Ø  3 Nights’ back at Swissotel- Makkah (Located at Haram boundary)

o   August 23 to 26

Ø  Depart to home- August 26/27


Package Meal Plans


Hotels in Madinah and Makkah:

Ø  Open buffet Breakfast and Dinner will be served daily


Mena and Arafat:

Ø  Mena -Open buffet Breakfast and Dinner will be served daily

Ø  Arafat –Breakfast in Box and Lunch open buffed, Dinner box provided for Muzdalifa.



Ø  Transportations in the Manasik between Mena, Arafat and Muzdalifa will be by the Train which reduces the traveling time to 13 minutes.

Ø  Transportation between Makkah and Madinah will be in Aleman luxury Air-Conditioned buses.

Ø  Mazarat (sightseeing) to historic sites in Madinah.




Exclusive Services:

Ø Modern luxury air-conditioned buses for all transportation.

Ø  Meet and assist by professional staff in Jeddah Airport and Madinah Airport.

Ø  Professional staff will be assisting and serving you throughout the trip.

Ø  Our staff will handle your luggage in Saudi Arabia (Collection, Transfer from city to city and storage) to give you a hassle free trip.

Ø  Educational Seminars will be offered in the USA and Saudi Arabia.

Ø  Educational reading materials will be distributed in different Languages (English, Urdu and Arabic)

Ø  English speaking Group Leaders will be with you throughout the trip.

Ø  Barbers will be available in our Mena Camp.
Aleman Complimentary Gift:
Ø  Ihram for men  will be given in Saudi Arabia

Ø  Women will receive a prayer rug in Saudi Arabia

Ø  Zam Zam Water will be given before departure

Ø  Educational Hajj materials prior to trip

Ø  Aleman backpack for your convenience
Package price does not include:
Ø  Mandatory Hajj draft fee of ($350),


1-QUAD ROOM (4 PEOPLE):  $10,500/ PERSON .





August 11, 2018 - August 26/27, 2018