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B3 Hajj Package - Medina First

July 20/21-August 5/6

Travel Itinerary:

Round trip Airfare New York/Madinah/Jeddah/New York via _____Airlines with layover.
Domestic tickets to international gateway are available for additional cost.

Program Itinerary:

3 nights’ at Dallah Taibah Hotel – Madinah (Located at Haram boundary)

July 22-25 (1- 4 Dhul-Hijjah)
Hotel check-in is only after 6 PM

4 Nights’ at Swissotel – Makkah (Located on the Haram boundary)

July 25-29 (4-8 Dhul-Hijjah)
Hotel check-in is only after 6 PM

5 Nights of Manasik: July 29-August 3 (8-13Dhul-Hijjah) – No Access to hotel during Manasik

1 Night: Tarwiya Day spent in Mina in Aleman camp in front of Jamarat
1 Night: Arafat/ Muzdalifa
3 Nights: Stay in Aleman Mina camp

2 Nights at 5-star hotel- Jeddah

August 3-5 (13-15 Dhul Hijjah)

Depart to home- August 5/6 (Based on your flight schedule)

Package Meal Plans:

Hotels in Madinah and Makkah:

Open buffet Breakfast and Dinner will be served daily

Mena and Arafat:

Mena -Open buffet Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be served daily
Arafat –Breakfast in Box and Lunch open buffet, Dinner box provided for Muzdalifa.


Transportations in the Manasik between Mena, Arafat and Muzdalifa will be by the Train which reduces the travel time to 13 minutes.
Transportation between Makkah and Madinah will be in Aleman luxury Air-Conditioned buses.
Mazarat (sightseeing) to historic sites in Madinah.

Aleman Exclusive Services

 Modern luxury air-conditioned buses for all transportation.
 Meet and assist by professional staff in Jeddah Airport and Madinah Airport.
 Professional staff will be assisting and serving you throughout the trip.
 Our staff will handle your luggage in Saudi Arabia (Collection, Transfer from city to city and storage) to give you a hassle-free trip.
 Educational Seminars will be offered in the USA and Saudi Arabia.
 Educational reading materials will be distributed in different Languages (English, Urdu and Arabic).
 English speaking Group Leaders will be with you throughout the trip.
 Barbers will be available in our Mena Camp.

Aleman Complimentary Gift

Ihram for men will be given in Saudi Arabia.
Women will receive a prayer rug in Saudi Arabia.
Zam Zam water will be given before departure.
Educational Hajj materials prior to trip.
Aleman backpack for your convenience.

Not Included in the package price

Hajj Draft Fee of $490/ person.
Sacrifice (Qurbani) of $150.00 per person.
Value Added Tax (VAT) and Municipality Fee of $450/person.
If you performed Hajj during 2015-2019, you are required to pay Hajj visa fee of $535/person.
Domestic Flights to International Gateways, if applicable.
Side trip fare, if applicable.
Return FedEx Services (if applicable).


John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York)

Hajj Flight Itinerary


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